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Custom Size Elastomer Rubber Pad

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19 Sep 2023
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Specification of Custom Size Elastomer Rubber Pad

1. Rubber type: Pad
2. Size: Custom, or adjust as needed
3. Type of Rubber: Pure Rubber Quality
4. Brand: SIGTECH
5. Rubber Pad Price: Depending on the needs

Rubber Pad is suitable for:

1. Rubber bridge bearings
2. Rubber bumper
3. Rubber Fender
4. Rubber pads

Function of Rubber Pad

1. Mute the noise produced by vibration
2. Absorb mechanical energy in the form of collisions and collisions
3. Protect the coated area
4. As a heat insulator and electrical insulator

Sell ​​Custom Size Rubber Pad

Rubber pad or pad-shaped rubber is generally used as a rubber pad rubber pads such as bridge or road bearings. Rubber pad made of pure rubber without any steel plates. SIGTECH directly produces rubber pad with various sizes, we can provide all sizes depending on the needs of your projects. For the price of a rubber pad, my friend can adjust it to the needs of the project.
Rubber pad is usually implemented into bumper rubber, fender rubber, from other rubber pads, because this rubber pad has an easy shape to implement. The main function of the rubber pad is to immerse the noise produced by vibrations such as a vehicle traveling on a bridge. Besides the rubber pad can be used to absorb mechanical energy in the form of collisions and collisions. This rubber pad can also be used to cover coated objects such as the loading dock or loading and unloading of goods, or have you ever seen rubber at a busway stop? yes it uses this rubber pad.
Friend, are you still confused about the rubber pad problem? Please contact SIGTECH and consult the issue of rubber pad or other types of rubber.
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