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SIGTECH Rubber Band Roll Rubber 120x10mm 6.4m
SIGTECH Rubber Band Roll Rubber 120x10mm 6.4m
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18 Aug 2020
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Specification of SIGTECH Rubber Band Roll Rubber 120x10mm 6.4m

Designations: Rubber Sheets, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Rolls, Rubber Strip Bearings, Versatile Rubber or Multifunctional Rubber
1. Rubber Form: sheet or roll
2. Sheet Width: 120
3. Thickness of Rubber Band: 10mm
4. Permeter running length: 6.4 meters
5. Brand: SIGTECH
6. Standardized SNI 3967 in 2015
Estimated price of rubber band 120x10mm: IDR 60,000 to 120,000 per meter.
Rubber Band Implementation:
1. Dilated Bearing
2. Fly Toll Road
3. JLNT (Non-toll overpass)
4. Over Pass (Fly Over)
5. Elevation Pads
6. etc.
Function of Rubber Sheet:
1. Mute the noise produced by vibration
2. Absorb mechanical energy in the form of collisions and collisions
3. Protect the coated area
4. As a heat insulator and electrical insulator
Sell ​​SIGTECH Rubber Bands 120x10mm 6.4m Rubber Band
Rubber band is a rubber roll made from original pure quality rubber without a mixture of steel. This rubber sheet is a multifunctional rubber or very can be used for anything, such as bearing dilation, elevation on an overpass or other bridge.
The roll structure makes this rubber band very easy to implement because project workers only cut rubber as needed. SIGTECH as a production or factory of various kinds of rubber sells rubber bands in various sizes and even sizes can be requested or custom according to project needs. One of the sizes of Rubber Band is 120 rubber width and 10mm rubber thickness. This type of rubber band we usually sell running or roll permeter, each roll has a length of 6.4 meters. To prove the quality of the SIGTECH rubber band, we guarantee that all rubber sheets are standardized in SNI 3967 in 2015.
If you need a Rubber Band for the project, you will choose SIGTECH. Because SIGTECH is very experienced in projects so don't worry about our professionalism in your projects. To purchase rubber bands with large quantities get a special price of SIGTECH rubber bands.
Tips for choosing a Rubber Band:
1. Make sure you have determined how many rubber sheets you need.
2. Do not be tempted by cheap prices, because it could be used low quality rubber.
3. Choose a factory, usually the factory can provide all your needs as if you were in need of a rubber band with a unique size and thickness.
4. Choose who is experienced in the rubber project.
5. Make sure the goods can be sent throughout Indonesia.
6. Look for rubber band sellers who can also implement rubber sheets.
Consult the needs of the project or Rubber Sheet Rubber Rolls Friend, how to Tel or WhatsApp Us (the longest response is 1x24 hours). All questions regarding rubber sheets or other SIGTECH products such as elastomeric bearing pad, rubber pad, pot bearing or if you have an Expansion Joint need do not hesitate to address your problem.

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