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Finger Expansion Joint SIG FJ70
Finger Expansion Joint SIG FJ70
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23 Jun 2020
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Specification of Finger Expansion Joint SIG FJ70

Sell ​​Finger Joint or commonly called finger joint expansion joint for 70mm movement range. Let's discuss the specifications, understanding, usability, and other information about SIGTECH finger joints.
Finger Expansion Joint Specifications:
- designations Finger Joint, Finger Expansion Joint, Finger Dilation Joints, finger-shaped dilation joints, finger bridge joints, concrete joints.
- Open Joint Expansion Type
- Physical form of the Finger / Finger
- 1 gap / single gap
- Accommodating a Gap of 70mm
- Loop Anchor type, so that the connection is stronger and safer
- SIGTECH brand
- 5 year guarantee
Usefulness of Finger Joit:
Finger joint dilatation connection is an open type bridge connection that serves to connect the bridge girder between one girder to another girder. This finger type expansion joint is designed to strengthen the edge of the concrete, splitting dilation with a rubber seal, with a variety of beam profiles, and at the top there is a steel profile that forms like two hands where the fingers are in the cavity of the other hand.
This type of finger joint is very much used because the expansion joint finger has a cover on the top of the connection cavity so that even though the joint type of the finger joint is dilated open, the surface of the finger joint is closed. Surface closure will make vehicles crossing the bridge more comfortable and feel less like other open bridge connections.

SIGTECH Finger Joint type SIG FJ70 is able to accommodate 70mm movements so that the SIGTECh finger joint is very suitable for bridge types in general.

SIG FJ70 Finger Joint Components:
- steel plate
- rubber seal
- anchor
Advantages of SIGTECH Joint Finger Expansion:
Expansion Joint
1. Can custom shape beam profile (strip seal, finger joint, modular)
2. 5 year warranty
3. use a Loop Anchor (strip seal, finger joint, modular)
4. Standardized AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
5. Can all installation services and not with installation
6. After sales service
7. Own production for all products
8. provide shop drawing design (e-ticket) / technical drawings
9. Fast Production
10. Fast Response
11. Franco Project onside
12. Free shipping
Consult the needs of your bridge construction projects such as your elastomeric bearings and expansion joints to SIGTECH, get the best solutions from us who have been trusted to provide quality and guaranteed goods.
SIGTECH has contributed to the development of infrastructure in Indonesia, as evidenced by the success of SIGTECH in large projects spread throughout Indonesia.
Please contact us for expansion joint and elastomeric bearing needs or you can also consult, SIGTECH consultants are ready to assist your needs.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

finger joint sig fj70.pdf



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