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Single Gap Expansion Joint
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02 Jul 2020
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Specification of Single Gap Expansion Joint

Know the Definition and Place of Selling a Reliable Single Expansion Joint Joint

Expansion Joint is one of the important compositions in bridge construction. This expansion is specifically designed to absorb movement or absorb vibrations, temperature and unite each core of the bridge. The Single Gap Expansion Joint sale transaction is the type of expansion connection recommended by every company in the construction sector.

Single Gap Expansion Joint is an expansion joint in the form of a strip seal, composed of steel profiles that are able to seal the loop anchor and can be replaced periodically. Single gap is usually used on the surface of asphalt or concrete located on the bridge deck. Then it can be applied to the construction of new bridges or old bridges that would be repaired.

Excellence Single Gap Expansion Joint

Single Gap Expansion Joint is an open expansion joint that uses elastomeric seals. There are several advantages that make the selling gap of the Single Gap Expansion Joint higher in the market. You can take advantage of several advantages including:

1. Maximum Capacity

This expansion joint has a high capacity with a longitudinal capacity of up to 100mm. So as to be able to withstand various types of movements that occur, both naturally and due to damage in the structure of the bridge.

2. Withstand Heavy Loads

In addition to withstand various types of vibrations, the single gap is designed neatly to withstand the burden of various types of vehicles that cross the bridge area. Then able to suppress the noise that is heard due to traffic processes that occur every day.

3. Adaptation with Various Types of Construction

Besides having good quality for bridge structures. This expansion joint is also best used as an expansion joint in a building structure.

4. Water Resistant Up to 100%

The bridge structure's resistance to water will make each bridge component last longer and avoid rust. Thus the structure made of iron or other metals can last a longer time.

5. Practical Expansion Joints

One other reason why the sale value of the Single Gap Expansion Joint is very high for each period of sale? This can be caused by several reasons. One of them is the installation time for faster expansion. So it does not require a longer time and obstruct the flow of transportation in the bridge area.

In addition, the price of this expansion connection is more affordable than other types of expansion connections. This way you can save time, effort and some funds spent on purchases.

Location of Single Gap Expansion Joint

Expansion joint with Single Gap type is able to make each concrete block merge and produce a level road. Expansion joints are located in the dilated area of ​​the bridge structure. Thus road users will feel safe and comfortable to cross bridges with various types of vehicles.

The seal technique used in the Single Gap Expansion Joint is capable of providing effects in various directions, namely horizontal and vertical. Horizontal seal effect can withstand collision of vehicle loads that are circulated to all parts of the road to form a horizontal line. Then split the bridge body from one end to the other bridge.

Moreover, it can withstand the bridge shape from the expansion process and periodic depreciation. Allows each bridge structure to be in its original position. The structure of the bridge is in an open area and faces a variety of weather and extreme conditions. Thus you need a high-quality seal to avoid the risks that might occur.

The vertical effect due to the force generated from the Elastomeric Bearing Pad will make the connection and shape of the bridge remain sturdy. Thus, companies that sell Single Gap Expansion Joint activities will ensure the required length of expansion joints, both horizontally and vertically.

Single Gap Expansion Joint Handling with Strip Seal Technique

There is a risk of movement in the bridge structure area which makes the expansion joint damaged. So that requires improvement which is divided into several criteria including:

1. Small Movement with a Joint Range of less than 45mm.

2. Medium Movement with Range Joint ranging from 45mm to 130mm.

3. Large Movement with a Joint Range of more than 130mm.

The process of maintaining proper expansion joints will make the bridge structure more durable. There are several codes and types of expansion joint damage that apply in Indonesia, including:

1. Code 801, damage due to expansion joints is not the same height so that the road contours become uneven. The improvement you can do is check the height difference then match the elevation between the top of the head and the bridge floor. Then use the Expansion Joint Strip Seal according to the function and section of the road

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

spesifikasi produk single gap expansion joint.pdf



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