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MOD 200 Expansion Joint SIGTECH Modular
MOD 200 Expansion Joint SIGTECH Modular
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14 Sep 2020
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Specification of MOD 200 Expansion Joint SIGTECH Modular

1. Material: Profile steel, anchor, and rubber seal
2. Type: MOD 200
3. Type EJ: Open connection
4. Strip: Multi Strip Expansion Joint
1. Bridge Connection
2. Sidewalk connection
3. Railroad, MRT, LRT connection

Sell ​​SIGTECH MOD 200 Expansion Joint Modular
Expansion joint is a device used to connect a bridge from one side to another. This bridge connection serves to connect between the girder and the expansion joint to handle the gap when the road is passed by the vehicle. Besides being used as a girder, EJ can also be used for pavement connections.
Modular type expansion joints include open bridge connections, which are bridge connections used for large gaps, usually this type of EJ has space or cavity at the top. But the dilatation of MOD 200 SIGTECH production is made of quality steel profile, in addition to using anchors, and rubber seals on the inside. The MOD 200 type at the top has 2 cavities, also known as multi strip expansion joints.
SIGTECH is very experienced in the field of dilated connections or EJ so that a lot of bridge or overpass projects have been run by SIGTECH. All products sold by SIGTECH are the product of their own production so you can order an Exapnsion Joint as needed. Plus our service is very superior because from production to installation of the Expansion Joint everything can be done by SIGTECH.
Estimation of SIGTECH Modular MOD 200 Expansion Joint Price: IDR 12,000,000 to IDR 200,000,000
(Price depends on many orders and project needs)
Free Consultations regarding Expansion Joint Bridge, Please contact us and get attractive prices.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

modular ej sig mod 200.pdf



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