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PTSelaras Inti Gemilang - Jual Elastomeric Bearing Pad dan Rubber Bearing Pad
Rubber Sheet Bearing
Rubber Sheet Bearing
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PT Selaras Inti Gemilang Selling Rubber Sheet Bearing is used in many construction applications such as precast and prestressed concrete bridges, building applications and structural steel, as well as machinery, equipment foundations, rail fastener bearings, and shock and vibration isolation. Rubber Sheet Bearings are made using a controlled mixture of quality tested rubber. Capable of delivering tensile strength and compressive strength, rigidity, tear resistance, durability, and superior ozone and weather resistance.

PT Selaras Inti Gemilang Offers Rubber Sheet Bearings that can be used with various applications for Construction and Industry. Rubber Sheet Bearings usually have a thickness of not more than 3cm. The general application of Rubber Sheet as a damper bearing from impact, the base of a building structure where the flexibility of the Rubber property is required.

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