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Specification of Elastomeric Bearing Pad 300x200x30mm

Know the Ins and Outs of Selling Quality Bridge Rubber Bearing

Bridges have an important role in human life, one of which is the need for transportation routes in daily mobilization. At the very least, you are authorized to choose bridge construction according to safety standards. Finding the right party to sell rubber bridge bearings is an obligation in order to obtain quality materials for each bridge construction.

Rubber bridge bearings or bearing pads are construction items that play an important role in building bridges. Bearing pad can distribute the bridge load evenly, ie from super structure to sub structure. These bearings make the super and sub-structures do not interact directly. The bridge that you build also has a sturdy and collapsing structure.

Types of Bearing Pads

Every bridge that you want to build has, of course, passed various verifications, from the bridge construction design to a number of funds. The need for bridge pads or rubber bearings is adjusted to the needs of the bridge to be built. Thus, you will get different prices and types.

There are several types of rubber bridge bearings to choose from. Make sure the criteria or type of bearing pad used is in accordance with the safety of the workers and for bridge users. Thus, there are several types of bearing pad that you can choose from:

1. Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

This rubber bearing consists of a layer of rubber coated with a steel plate as a divider. Its main characteristic is being able to accommodate movement due to shear or rotational deformation, both naturally and synthetically. This type of bridge bearing rubber sale transaction is among the most recommended types.

Laminated Elastomeric is priced more economically and the bearing installation process is easier. You can also get more quota and shorter work time.

2. Laminated Bearings

Rubber bridge bearings are made of plain neoprane rubber composition. Its characteristics, being able to accept load transfers more evenly, so that rotation and bridge beams can be well received. In addition, laminated bearings are able to anticipate lateral and longitudinal movements on the bridge due to thermal conditions, so the bridge construction will last longer.

3. Lead Rubber Bearings

This rubber bearing has more than 1 cylinder or plug with various sizes. However, lead rubber bearings have a bearing core that is right in the middle with a larger size. Effective to reduce shocks with a very large scale even somewhat extreme though.

Thus the Lead Rubber Bearing was created as a material that is able to anticipate damage due to natural disasters. Typically, such damage is in the form of vibrations originating from flash floods, earthquakes and sea waves.

4. Pot Bearings

These rubber pads can be installed on bridge areas with curved structures or have high rotational slopes. In addition, rubber will also function optimally on bridge structures that have narrower spaces. The application of pistons and rubber bearings to the pot bearing bridge will be able to control greater vertical loads.

5. Base Isolation Bearings

These rubber pads are designed with the addition of neoprene rubber and a series of steel derived from a combination of stainless steel and Teflon. Base isolation bearings have a performance that is able to sustain maximum bridge loads. This load can be derived from the process of shifting that occurs due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and other large shocks.

At present, the need for rubber bridge bearings is produced to compensate for more modern bridge structures. Bridge bearing rubber selling activities become one of the profitable business transactions and have better prospects in the future.

The guaranteed quality of each rubber bearing the bridge does not only foster the confidence of partners. Moreover, quality can save many lives that depend on the activities and the construction process of the bridge itself.

Rubber Bridge Bearing Specifications

Bridge bearing rubber raw material can be made of various types of rubber, both naturally and added to a variety of other materials. Materials that are often used in making rubber pads are made of natural rubber (natural rubber). Then rubber with synthetic material or neoprene and rubber produced from the homopolymer (chloroprene rubber) process.

In addition to paying attention to the basic material of its manufacture, you also have to adjust the size and shape of the bearing itself. For example, in the form of thickness and hardness of the bridge bearing surface. Then, the selected bearings must also be in accordance with the available space, so as to be able to withstand vibrations with more maximum coverage.

Rubber jem pads

products made from natural or synthetic rubber have different advantages. One of them is Chloroprene Rubber (CR) which has a high price and is incompatible with low temperatures compared to Natural Rubber (NR). However, CR has better resistance to chemical reactions and is ozone-friendly.

There are several specifications of rubber bearings that you can choose for the needs of rubber bridge bearings, among them

The right specifications for the bridge structure that you are building can anticipate various conditions due to bridge movement. This movement and rotation process can occur due to the burden of vehicles passing in the bridge area. There are also processes of expansion, shrinkage, wind movement and the occurrence of construction tolerance and seismic activity due to natural disasters.

The process of selling rubber bridge bearings that are available on the market must be chosen carefully. This can reduce the risk of work accidents that often occur in construction work, one of which is in the construction of bridges.

Recommendations for Buying Quality Bridge Rubber Bearings

We are PT Selaras Inti Gemilang, a company engaged in manufacturing rubber bearings and bridge construction connections since 2018. We carry out several transaction activities for selling rubber bridge bearings, Elastomer Bearing Pads and various types of Expansion Joint products. In addition, we have handled and distributed products for various bridge construction projects from all over Indonesia.

We only provide quality products according to applicable safety standards and are offered at the best selling prices. You can get affordable prices because they come from manufacturing that we do independently. Thus, you are able to cut down the expenditure of additional funds for manufacturing production costs elsewhere.

You can consult directly to our office to get the best deals. Then, also visit the website page to see products that match the purchase plan. We are willing to know the desired specifications for quality bridge construction. You can get rubber bridge bearings according to the types and materials available from us.

We are a specialist manufacturer of bridge bearings and bridge bays, so we accept orders with large quantities and sizes can be arranged as needed. If you want to consult the needs of Bridge Bearing and Expansion Joint, please contact us.

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