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Finger Strip Expansion Joint SIG FS 50

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05 Jun 2023
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Finger Joint

Specification of Finger Strip Expansion Joint SIG FS 50

Sell ​​Finger Strip Expansion Joint

SIGTECH always provides solutions for bridge connection needs such as the FS-50 type expansion joint finger strip, this is a solution for friends who need an expansion joint with a movement range of 25 to 75mm. This expansion joint is called a finger strip because it has a shape like the fingers of the two hands that are held together, in technical language there are male and female. The following are the details of the SIGTECH finger joint specifications:

FS-50 Finger Strip Components

- Finger Plate
- Angle Steel
- Anchor Loop
- Bolt
- Rubber Gland
- Finishing using anticorrotion after sandblasting

The table details the main material specifications for the FS-50 finger joint
Nama MaterialUkuranSpesifikasi
Finger Plate16mmSS 400
Angle Steel600x600x60mmS235J2G3
Anchor Loop16mmBJTP24
BoltM12x308.8 hdg
Rubber Gland5mmCholoprene
Anticorrotionzinc Galvanized80
SandblastingGrit BlastSA3

Movement Range Expansion Joint data

- FX: -25 to + 25mm
- FY: -10 to + 10mm
- FZ: -8 ​​to + 8mm

Strength of Plate Finger Strip Expansion Joint SIG FS-50
- YS N / mm2: 296
- TS N / mm2: 448

SIGTECH finger joints have passed various kinds of tests such as bending anchor welding tests and all products such as selling finger strip expansion joints made by yourself, so there is no need to hesitate to use SIGTECH finger strip joints. We also provide a 5 year warranty, here are some of the benefits of working with SIGTECH
1.Can be custom shape beam profile (strip seal, finger joint, modular)
2. 5 years warranty
3. using Loop Anchor (strip seal, finger joint, modular)
4.AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) standardized
5. Can be all installation services and not with installation
6. After sales service
7. Own production for all products
8. provide design shop drawing (e-ticket) / technical drawing
9. Fast Production
10. Fast Response Guaranteed
11. Franco's Onside Project
12. Free shipping
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Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

technical data sheet sig fs-50.pdf



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