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Expansion Joint Compression Seal 50x45
Expansion Joint Compression Seal 50x45
Expansion Joint Compression Seal 50x45
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Expantion Joint is a part of bridge construction which is most influential when the bridge is started to be operated. Because the bridge connection or sabungan dilation will prevent friction directly between the girder on the super structure of the bridge. There are two types of Expansion Joint (EJ), namely open and closed EJ types.

Expansion Joint Compression Seal is a type of closed EJ made of rubber eleastis. The advantage of using an Expansion Joint Compression Seal is that there will be no gaps or splits on the bridge because this type of EJ will close all connection gaps but the closed type EJ has the disadvantage of not being able to understand large movements. EJ Compression Seal has many sizes depending on needs such as Expansion Joint Compression Seal size of 50x45.

SIGTECH is a company that has been trusted for the manufacture or fabrication of both open and closed Expantion Joints in Indonesia. We have a lot to meet the needs of bridges in Indonesia. All of that is because the Bridge Connection (EJ) products that we produce have been tested and standardized. For more information please contact us.

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