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Elastomer Bearing Pad SIGTECH 300*300*55 mm

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05 Jun 2023
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Specification of Elastomer Bearing Pad SIGTECH 300*300*55 mm

Elastomeric Center Bearing Pad

The elastomeric bearing pad is a very important component in the standing and robustness of a bridge construction. This component is mounted on the bottom of the girder which dampens vibrations and minimizes vibration. We provide many sizes, one of which is as follows:

 - Length: 300 mm

 - Width: 300 mm

 - Height: 55 mm

 - Warranty: 3 years

 - Max Load: 66 tons

 - Base material: natural rubber (NR), Chloroprene (CR)

 - Standardization: SNI and AASHTO

In general, the elastomeric bearing pad is used for the main support of the girder with the lower supporting concrete in the construction of a bridge which functions to withstand pressure or loads on the bridge, so that if there is movement, friction or vibration in the upper construction, it will not affect the foundation. This rubber elastomer minimizes damage to the bridge structure caused by shifting one of the invisible bridge structures and rotations that must be accommodated to protect the structure and infrastructure of the bridge construction.

Elastomr Bearing Pad SIGTECH advantages:

1. 3 years warranty

2.AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) standardized

3. SNI 1967-2008

4. Natural rubber (NR), Chloroprene (CR)

5. Size and spec can be custom as needed

6. Can be applied in buildings and bridges

7. Pass the test at the Rubber Research Center (Indonesia Rubber Research Institute)

Our service:

1. Can be all installation services or without installation services.

2. Professional after sales service.

3. Own production for all products.

4. Provide shop drawing design (e-ticket) / technical drawing.

5. Fast Production.

6. Fast Response.

7. Franco's Onside Project.

8. Free shipping.

9. 3 years warranty.

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