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Bearing Pad Fixing
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Bearing Pad Fixing is a rubber bridge bearing used in bearing systems. This product serves to accommodate or accept the burden of movement caused by sliding deformation and also rotational deformation on the bridge structure. Bearing Pad sends the load from the upper building to the lower building and to accommodate the movement and movement of a bridge or building structure.

Bearing pad has several types such as bearing pad fixing that we sell. Fixing type rubber bridge bearings will work fixed so that this type of rubber bearings cannot move left, right, up, or down. Bearing type fixing is usually used to bridge bearings in the position of the girder fix or there will be no movement.

Bearing Pad Fix Details:
- Type of Rubber / Rubber: Synthetic Rubber
- Standardization of SNI 3967 in 2015
- Bearing Pad Length: Custome
- Bearing Pad Width: Custome
- Bearing Pad type: Fixing


1. We are manufacturing or own production for Bridge Bearing products.
2. So we guarantee by providing a 100% Rubber Pad guarantee that is made in accordance with the wishes and the best quality.
3. In terms of projects We are very accustomed to playing on projects so there is no need to worry about the installation or ordering process until negotiation.
4. For orders at the company for the first time working together We only provide a 50% DP payment when the goods are sent
5. If you are from a BUMN, you can do it without a DP
6. Thank BERES, for the manufacture, materials, and installation on the project

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