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Closed Expansion Joint

Closed Joint Expansion is a type of expansion joint or has other designations such as expansion joints, or the cover is dilated, and the joint is dilated. Befungsi as a tool used for the connection of the upper part of the bridge (super bridge structure) so that there is no friction between the grider and the pole or sub-structure when the bridge is shifting. The closed type expansion joint has a closed structure on the bridge joint so that the bridge connection is not visible or vague, because the closed type dilatation cover has the shape of a fixed asphalt not made of asphalt.

Sell Bridge Expansion Joint

The type that forms a closed type expansion joint has a variety of types such as special types of rubber that are inserted in the bridge connection cavity or commonly known as Aspaltic Joint Plug. In addition there is also a model of hot liquid that is attached to the bridge connection, commonly known as the Expansion Joint Compression Seal. Both methods or types of joints are dilated before being poured and inserted into the connection will be inserted into the steel plate first. PT Selaras Inti Gemilang is a pioneer in domestic producers that are able to produce, produce, and market EJ type closed bridge joint expansion products with an emphasis on product quality and excellent service.

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