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Open Expansion Joint

Before discussing the Open Joint Expansion we must first know what an expansion joint is. An expansion joint is an instrument used as a bridge connector precisely as a connector between girder or bridge bar. The bridge's expansion joint serves to withstand the friction load between one and the other girder, because if the friction load collides directly with the bridge sub structure it will cause damage to the super structure of the bridge (upper bridge structure), therefore an expansion joint is needed.

Selling Open Bridge Connections

So the type of open joint expansion is a type of dilated connection that has an open structure or is seen in its free structure. Materials commonly made for these open type dilation joints are steel profiles, spacers, and rubber seals.

An open connection has an advantage in the movement or movement of the bridge is higher than the closed. Open dilatation covers have various types such as strip seal expansion joints and modular expansion joints.

PT Selaras Inti Gemilang is a pioneer in domestic producers that are able to produce, produce, and market EJ open type Bridge connection products with an emphasis on quality products and excellent service.

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