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Bridge Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint Bridges have many designations such as bridge connections, expansion joints, dilated covers, joint rubber, and dilated connections. Expansion joints play a very important role in bridge structures, especially in super structures or structures at the top of bridges, why? Because the dilated connection works by following the horizontal movement of the bridge when crossed by a vehicle or when the load appears to expand and shrink. This connection can also provide space for the bridge elastomer.
Expansion joints (EJ) consist of two types namely Closed Expansion Joints and Open Expansion Joints which are all used for different purposes. In an open expansion joint, it is divided into several types, namely single gap expansion joint and multi gap expansion joint. If the closed EJ is divided into 2 parts, namely the aspaltic joint plug and the expansion joint compression seal.

Selling Bridge Joint Expansion

SIGTECH as a specialist as well as fabrication of expansion joints is very ready to sell expansion joints of open or closed types of bridges. To make quality bridge connections, SIGTECH manufactures expansion bridges with the best quality so that the SIGTECH Expansion Joint already has SNI certificates and other certificates.
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